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2012 Calgary Stampede Parade engages the public and celebrates our history

Calgary – On Friday, July 6, the Centennial Stampede Parade will showcase how We’re Greatest Together by engaging the public through social media and showcasing our commitment to community – all while celebrating the Calgary Stampede’s history.



“We encourage everybody to join our Facebook page and follow our twitter handle @CSParade to receive live updates about the Centennial Parade,” says Susanne Huggard, chair, Parade committee. “With 123 entries joining us for the Centennial Parade, we can’t wait to kick off The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”


Real-time updates will be coming from the Calgary Stampede’s Ultimate Interns sitting atop custom-made TweetSeats, developed by CastleWood Designs. They will be located at two locations along the route and will be tweeting about their experiences at street level, interactions with guests, and describing many of the intriguing entries which pass them. Updates will also be posted to the Stampede Parade Facebook page.


Be a part of history and vote for your favorite Parade entry. If you like an entry, text the entry number to “12312”. There is no cost to text. The winner will receive an Up! 97.7 Radio Big BBQ at Village Brewery. Votes may be submitted for multiple entries. 


Showcasing Stampede’s commitment to community, banners identifying the five categories - creativity, heritage, community, celebration and giving – will be carried by fourteen specially-selected volunteers and employees of the Calgary Stampede. 


Hold on to a piece of the legacy with the collector's edition of the Centennial Parade Program. It is a superb record of the most significant history of the Parade from 1912 to present. It documents key marshals, entries, interesting facts and photos that will indeed capture any Calgary Stampede enthusiast. Programs will be sold on the route for $5 by Rotary Calgary, North. Only 10, 000 copies of the program are available.


To view the complete list of Parade entries, visit   


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For more information, please contact:


Adam Loria

Media Coordinator – Stampede Parade Committee

Stampede Parade

T 403.612.4978


Lauren Webb

Media Relations Coordinator

Calgary Stampede

T 403.261.0277

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