General Information

  •  The 105th Calgary Stampede Parade will be held on Friday, July 7, 2017.

  Thursday, July 6

  •   Parking restrictions will be in effect from 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 6 to 3:00 p.m. on Friday July 7 on the following roads:
    •    Riverfront Avenue between 1st Street SE and 3rd Street SE;
    •    3rd Street SE between 4th Avenue SE and 6th Avenue;
    •    4th Street SE between 9th Avenue and Riverfront Avenue SE;
    •    5th Street SE between 8th Avenue SE and 9th Avenue;
    •    6th Street SE between 8th Avenue SE and 9th Avenue;
    •    8th Avenue between 4th Street SE and 6th Street SE;
    •    9th Avenue between 4th Street SE and 8th Street SE;
    •    11th Avenue between Olympic Way SE and 6th Street SE;
    •    5th Avenue between 9th Street SW and 10th Street SW; and
    •    6th Avenue between 10th Street SW and 11th Street SW; and,
    •    10th Avenue between 9th Street SW and 11th Street SW.
  •    Parking restrictions will be in effect from 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 6 to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, July 7 on the following roads:
    •    portions of 10th, 11th, and 12th Avenues between 11th Street SW and 3rd Street SE;
    •    portions of 3rd Street SE, Centre Street S, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th Streets SW between 6th Avenue and 9th Avenue;
    •    5th Avenue between 9th Street SE and Bow Trail SW; and,
    •    Bow Trail SW between 9th Street SE and 5th Avenue SW.

  Friday, July 7

  • 7:30 a.m. – the following road closures go in effect:
    •   6th Avenue from 6th Street SE to 10th Street SW;
    •   10th Street SW from 6th to 9th Avenues;
    •   9th Avenue from 10th Street SW to 8th Street SE;
    •   the morning connector from Bow Trail to westbound 5th Avenue SW will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. only; and,
    •   all roads in the East Village and around Fort Calgary (i.e. all roads between 3th Street SE and 6th Street SE and between 9th Avenue SE and      Riverfront Avenue SE).
    • Note: only 11th Street SW, 4th Avenue, and 5th Avenue will remain open to traffic; however, these roads will be very congested.
  • 7:30 a.m. – Parade prelude (on-street entertainment) begins.
  • 8:55 a.m. – Parade begins and takes the following route (please see the attached map):
    •    begins at 9th Avenue and 1st Street SE and travels west;
    •    turns north at 9th Avenue and 10th Street SW;
    •    turns east at 6th Avenue and 10th Street SW; and,
    •    finishes at 6th Avenue and Macleod Trail SE.
  • Note: the entire Parade route will remain closed to traffic until the last entry has left the route (approximately 2:00 p.m.).
  • Utilizing public transit, walking, or carpooling is the optimal way to get to the Parade route.  If you must drive downtown, plan to arrive well before 7:30 a.m. when the roads close, or park outside the closed area.
  • For Calgary Transit service updates, please visit:
  • For City of Calgary road closures, please visit:

Route Reversal and Free Admission to Stampede Park

  • Please note that the route described above is NEW this year, and will be a permanent change.
  • The route reversal will make it easier for Parade-goers to get to Stampede Park after the Parade.
  • The Calgary Stampede is offering free admission to Stampede Park between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Parade day.

Resources and Support for Media

  • The Calgary Stampede Parade Committee is pleased to offer support for media in advance of, and on, Parade day.  For example, the Calgary Stampede Parade Committee can arrange interviews, provide additional facts and information, assist with transportation once the roads are closed, and more.
  • Note: if you anticipate needing resources or support on Parade day, please contact Keith Marlowe, Media Coordinator – Calgary Stampede Parade Committee at (587) 435-4580 or

Seating for Media

  • Limited seating for media covering the Parade is available at the marked viewing area located at 9th Avenue and 6th Street SW.  Please RSVP in advance of Parade day to

Television Broadcast Notes

  • CBC will broadcast the Parade on Friday, July 7, 2017 on CBC TV (LIVE – Alberta only) and online at  Coverage is from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. (MT). 
  • CBC will broadcast an Encore presentation of the Parade on Saturday, July 8, 2017 on CBC TV.  Coverage is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. (MT).
  • CBC commentary will be provided by Kelly VanderBeek (retired Canadian Olympic alpine skier) and Craig McMorris (member of the Canadian national snowboard team in slopestyle)

Parade Seating, Safety, and Etiquette

  • More than 80% of the Parade route along 9th and 6th Avenues is available for free-of-charge seating on a first come, first served basis.  It is best to arrive early to find optimal viewing spots. 
  • The Calgary Stampede Parade Committee does not provide seats.
  • Parade operations require five full lanes of traffic: the center three for entries and the outer two lanes for parade operations and emergency vehicle access.
  • Do not cross the Parade route at any time.
  • Keep a close eye on children.
  • Heat related emergencies may have serious consequences.  Bring a broad brimmed hat, stay hydrated with water, wear a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • In case of rain, bring rain gear, but try to leave umbrellas at home, as they may block the view of other spectators.
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be onsite.

Tradition, History, and Facts

  • The Calgary Stampede Parade is the official kick off to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!
  • The Calgary Stampede Parade is 4.8 kilometres in length.  It takes approximately two hours to pass any one point on the route.  It would take the average person just over 6,300 steps to complete the entire route.  The route is the same length as just over 25 Calgary Towers laid end-to-end (15,748 feet).
  • The Parade Committee is projecting a live audience of approximately 150,000 people.
  • The 2017 Calgary Stampede Parade is the 105th Parade.  The first Calgary Stampede Parade took place on September 2, 1912 (Labour Day).
  • The Calgary Stampede Parade is the second largest in North America after the Rose Bowl Parade held in Pasadena, California.
  • The Parade features more than 700 horses and approximately 4,000 participants forming 113 entries.
  • Of the 113 entries:
    • 12 bands;
    • 34 floats (corporate, not-for-profit, municipal, cultural, and horse drawn)
    • 11 horse hitches;
    • 10 mounted colour parties; and,
    • 46 miscellaneous entries (VIP, walking, cycling, etc.).
  • International entries complement local, regional, and national entries.
  • First Nations have played a prominent role in the Calgary Stampede since 1912 when 1,800 members of Treaty 7 led the Parade at the request of Stampede visionary, Guy Weadick.
  • This year, the Parade will have seven very special Parade Marshals. The Parade Marshals are the seven chiefs of the Treaty 7 Nations (Blackfoot Confederacy Nations: Chief Roy Fox – Kainai/Blood Tribe; Chief Stanley (Stan) C. Grier – Piikani Nation; Chief Joseph Weasel Child – Siksika Nation; Stoney Nakoda Nations: Chief Darcy Dixon – Bearspaw First Nation; Chief Ernest Wesley – Wesley First Nation; Chief Aaron Young – Chiniki First Nation; Tsuut’ina Nation: Chief Lee Crowchild - Tsuut’ina Nation).
  • This is the third time that the Seven Chiefs of the Treaty 7 Nations have led the Calgary Stampede Parade as Marshals (previously: 1977 and 1989).
  • Cappy (James) Smart, Calgary Fire Chief, has the most appearances as Parade marshal (35 consecutive Parades).  Second is Mickey Mouse with three appearances (Minnie Mouse has made two appearances as Parade marshal). 
  • Only three Prime Ministers (Louis St. Laurent, Lester B. Person and Pierre Trudeau (twice)) and two Alberta Premiers (Peter Lougheed (twice) and Ralph Klein (twice)) have ever been Parade marshals.  Only two Calgary Mayors have been Parade marshals (George Harry Webster and Al Duerr).  Two Mayors of Vancouver and one Mayor of Toronto have also held the honour.
  • Approximately 2 tons of manure will be deposited on the Parade route.  Since 2001, the City of Calgary “Street Sweeper Critters” have been responsible for clearing the Parade route.  The Critters include: Chestnut the Horse, Barlow the Buffalo, Outlaw the Bull, and Daisy the Cow.  The Stampede Critters will be joined by the “Men in Kilts” street sweepers. 
  • The Parade is brought to you by a committee of 140 dedicated volunteers, an estimated 19,000 hours from committee volunteers year round, and 9,000 hours on Parade day.  Many of these volunteers have been involved with the Parade for over 40 years.

Past Parade Marshals




“Year of Music”

Jann Arden – Singer-Songwriter

Paul Brandt – Country Music Superstar


Kaillie Humphries – Two-time Olympic gold medalist


William Shatner (Grand Marshal) – Actor, Philanthropist, Horseman

Gilmore Junio & Denny Morrison (Honourary Marshals) – Olympic Athletes


Retired Colonel Chris Hadfield – Commander of the International Space Station


Ian Tyson –  “Canadian Music Icon”


Rick Hansen – the “Man in Motion”


Jet and Cord McCoy – the “Gentlemen Cowboys”


Mike Holmes – “Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor”


Patsy Rodgers – First Stampede Queen and Queens’ Alumni


“30-Hours of Tough”

Benjamin Jordan, Aaron Jackson, Rob Lewis & Carlos Koppen – Breast cancer fundraisers and cross-country long-boarders


“A World-Class Act of Sportsmanship”

Sara Renner, Olympic Cross-Country Skier

Bjornar Hokensmoen, Norwegian Olympic Cross-Country Ski Coach


“Celebrating Alberta’s Centennial”

Hon. Ralph Klein, OC AOE – 12th Premier of Alberta

Hon. Norman Kwong, CM AOE LLD – 16th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta


“Flames Ignite the Hearts of Calgary”

Darryl Sutter – Coach

Ken King – President & CEO

Robyn Regehr – Player


Iris Glass – Grand Dame of Chuckwagon racing


Lloyd Robertson – News Anchor

Catriona Le May Doan – Olympic Gold Medalist


Chris Hadfield – Astronaut


Ron MacLean – Sports Announcer


Herman Linder – “King of the Cowboys”


Sam Elliot – Actor


Jack Palance – Actor


Dennis Weaver – Actor


Disney’s Mickey & Minnie Mouse


Al Duerr – 34th Mayor of Calgary


Christopher Reeve – Actor

Hon. Ralph Klein, OC AOE – 12th Premier of Alberta


Leslie Nielson – Actor


Rita McNeil – Singer

Lieutenant-General Kent R. Foster – Canadian Forces


His Excellency the Rt. Hon. Ray Hnatyshyn, PC CC CMM CD QC (Can) QC (Sask) FRHSC (hon) – 24th Governor General of Canada


Treaty No. 7 Chiefs

Strater Crowfoot – Chief of Blackfoot Indian Tribe

Una Wesley – Chief of Bearspaw Indian Tribe

Roy Whitney – Chief of Sarcee Indian Tribe

Leonard Bastien – Chief of Peigan Indian Tribe

John Snow – Chief of Big Stoney Indian Tribe

George LaBelle – Chief of Chiniki Indian Tribe

John Shot-Both-Sides – Chief of Blood Indian Tribe


Robin Burwash – Champion Bareback Bronc rider

Tracey Wilson – Pairs figure skater

Robert McCall – Pairs figure skater

Brian Orser – Olympic figure skater

Spuds MacKenzie – Dog mascot

Tom Glass – Champion Chuckwagon driver


Todd Brooker – World Cup Skier

Laurie Graham – World Cup Skier


“Flames Reach the Finals”

Bob Johnson – Coach

Lanny McDonald – Player

Jim Peplinski – Player

Doug Risebrough – Player

Sharon Wood – First woman to climb Mt. Everest


Jillian Richardson – Olympic track and field medalist

Tom Pontin – Olympic silver medalist swimmer

Carolyn Waldo – Olympic synchronized swimmer

Kelly Kryczka – Olympic synchronized swimmer

Steve Fonyo – Cancer fundraiser


Wilf Carter – Singer

Gaetan Boucher – Olympic speed skater


Grand Marshals: Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

Lanny McDonald – Calgary Flames player

Willie de Wit – Commonwealth Gold Medal boxer


Tom Bews – Champion saddle bronc rider

Tom Erickson – Champion calf roper

Tommy Dorchester – Champion Chuckwagon driver

Joe Alexander – Champion steer wrestler

Larry Mahan – Bareback bronc rider


Robert Baden-Powell, 3rd Baron Baden-Powell, Grandson of Scouts Founder, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell

Lieutenant-General Chester Hull, CMM DFC CD – Vice Chief of the Defence Staff in Canada

Hon. Francis C. “Frank” Lynch-Staunton, AOE – 11th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

His Excellency the Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer, PC CC CMM OM CD – 22nd Governor General of Canada

Larry Mahan – Cowboy


Hon. E. Peter Lougheed, PC CC AOE QC – 10th Premier of Alberta

Ken Taylor – Ambassador to Iran


Hon. Ralph Steinhauer – 10th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

Ken Read – Alpine Skier Wilf Carter


Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau, PC CH CC QC FSRC, 15th Prime Minister of Canada


Maurice Nadon – RCMP Commissioner

Charles , Prince of Wales

Treaty No. 7 Chiefs


Stephen M. Ford – actor


Hon. E. Peter Lougheed, PC CC AOE QC – 10th Premier of Alberta


Douglas Bader – “Personification of RAF heroism during the Second World War”

C.H. (Punch) Dickens – WWII/Flying Ace

Captain Eugene Cernan – Apollo 17 Space Flight Commander


W.L. Higgitt – RCMP Commissioner


Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Chief Dan George – Actor


Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau, PC CH CC QC FSRC, 15th Prime Minister of Canada


Arthur Godfrey – Entertainer


Roy Rogers – Actor

“World Champion Curling Rink”: Dale Evans, Fred Storey, Bernie Sparks, and and Dave Gerlach


Billy Henry – Pioneer


Nancy Green – Olympic alpine skier


Elaine Tanner – Olympic swimmer

“World Champion Curling Rink”: Ron Northcott, Bernie Sparkes, Fred Storey, and George Fink

Red Adair – Oil Field Firefighter


Walt Disney – CEO, Disney Studios


Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson, PC (UK) PC (Can) OM CC OBE, 14th Prime Minister of Canada


Bob Hope – Comedian/Actor


 C.W. Harvison – Commissioner of the RCMP


H.E. Mateos Senoua Lopez – Wife of Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos


Phil Harris – Entertainer/Comedian


Bing Crosby – Singer/Entertainer


Frederick Hume – Mayor of Vancouver


Wilfred Hamel – Mayor of Vancouver


Hiram McCallum – Mayor of Toronto


J.M. Miller – Parade Chairman


Rt. Hon. Louis Stephen St. Laurent, PC CC QC LLD DCL LLL BA – 12th Prime Minister of Canada


Malcolm Boyd – Calgary Police Chief


Royal Canadian Mounted Police


His Excellency Field Marshal the Rt. Hon. the Viscount Alexander of Tunis, KG GCB OM GCMG CSI DSO MC CD PC PC (Can) – 17th Governor General of Canada and Margaret Alexander, Countess Alexander of Tunis


Canadian Armed Forces


Women of the Military


Royal Canadian Naval Volunteers


Soldiers from Currie Barracks


Major the Most Honourable the 1st Marquess of Willingdon, GCSI GCMG GCIE GBE PC – 13th Governor General of Canada and Lady Willingdon


Hoot Gibson – Rodeo champion/Actor


George Harry Webster – Calgary’s “Cowboy Mayor”

Guy Weadick – Founder of the Calgary Stampede

I.G. Riddle


Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, KG KT KP GCB GCSI GCMG GCIE GCVO GBE VD TD – 10th Governor General of Canada and Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia, Duchess of Connaught and Strathearn


Cappy (James) Smart – Chief, Calgary Fire Department


About the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned 10-day Stampede, year-round facilities, western events and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme We’re Greatest Together; we are a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities.


For more information, please contact:

Keith Marlowe
Media Coordinator
Calgary Stampede Parade Committee
P 403.260.9632
C 587.435.4580