Eli Barsi - thumb
Eli Barsi - thumb

A Real Partner

When world-famous trick roper Flores LaDue passed away in 1951, legendary pioneer and Calgary Stampede founder Guy Weadick inscribed three words on her tombstone: A Real Partner.


It was the perfect sentiment for his wife, friend and confidant. 


More than 60 years later, cowboy poet Doris Daley and Canadian recording artists Eli Barsi and Brett Kissel, took those words and transformed them into a toe-tapping salute to western pride and the 10-day Stampede. A Real Partner, co-written by Daley and Barsi, is a catchy, cowboy tune that captures the defining elements of what a partnership truly means between horse and rider, sponsor and volunteer, business and community, husband and wife.


“I would best describe this song as a traditional story lyric with a modern music edge,” says Barsi. “It is a timeless subject - as long as the Stampede is happening this song is very relevant.”  


For Barsi, the chance to write a song about Alberta’s love affair with cowboy culture wasn’t contrived; it was an unsolicited gesture of admiration for what the Stampede stands for - a gathering of goodwill.


“I have attended the Stampede more than 20 times,” Barsi proudly exclaims. “I love the Stampede, always been a big fan of the western lifestyle and I’m proud to promote its heritage.”


Barsi has performed previously at the Stampede during the Suncor Energy Family Day Breakfast, the TransAlta Grandstand Show and at Nashville North. Her unique songwriting and vibrant vocal style can be found at various concerts throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan this summer.


A Real Partner can be heard here. But be warned: it will get stuck in your head.