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Behind the scenes of The Young Canadians Christmas Show

The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede have been bringing holiday cheer with their Christmas show since 1968.

Santa's elves and jazzy dancing reindeer are hard at work at The Young Canadian studios, preparing to take everyone on a journey of fun and laughter on Sunday, November 25 at Jack Singer Concert Hall.


“The Christmas show is fast becoming one of my favourite performances because it's by the kids, from top to bottom,” says Angela Benson, Artistic director of The Young Canadians. “The Christmas show is also becoming bigger and better each year with the songs and choreography rivalling the Rockettes of New York.”

From the young 11 year old apprentice dancers, to the moms who help with the costumes; everyone involved in the show puts their heart and soul into bringing it all together.


If you are looking for a show that brings the season to life – look no further than The Young Canadians “A Christmas Spectacular”.


Here’s a behind the scenes snap shot of what it takes to put this amazing show together.

  • Choreography and songs rehearsals begin in October with the entire production coming together to practice in the first week of November
  • There are 94 performers ranging in age from 11 to 21
  • Each performer has an average of four costumes, a total of 376 costumes for the show
  • Head of wardrobe, Gayle Larson, puts in 315 hours to bring all the costumes to life. Add 115 hours to that total, with the work of 15 volunteer stage moms
  • The show features 24 songs and four original musical arrangements from Christmas past and present. Classical selections from the beloved favourite The Nutcracker and March of the Toy Soldiers, mixed in with a youthful, funky twist
  • Seventy one props, that include, a grand piano, Santa’s chair, a fire place, 10 gold ribbons, 10 candy canes, 36 candles and of course, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree


The Young Canadians give back to the community by teaming up with the Rotary Club of Calgary to host 1,000 Calgary seniors and young guests through Kids Up Front, for the first performance of “A Christmas Spectacular”.


Tickets for The Young Canadians “A Christmas Spectacular” can be purchased at the Epcor Centre box office by phone at 403-294-9494 or www.epcorcentre.org.  Box office hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts is funded by the Calgary Stampede Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building strong and confident youth in our community.