09.04.12 Aggie Days-001
09.04.12 Aggie Days-001

Bringing the farm to the city – Aggie Days

Aggie Days has the city’s most unique invite list - students, teachers and families; cows, sheep and horses; farmers, ranchers and blacksmiths. The annual event began 26 years ago with a group of volunteers with some animals in a barn. Today the five-day event has grown to more than 100,000 square feet of agricultural exhibits and some 40,000 visitors.


Held over five days from April 18 to 22, the first three days are reserved for pre-registered school groups, while the weekend is free to the public. Aggie Days features displays and hands on interactive activities including cow milking, flour milling, sheep shearing and seed planting.


Aggie Days is one of the many ways the Stampede works to preserve western heritage and values. With urban dwellers often two to three generations removed from the farm, the event becomes an important bridge in the rural-urban connection. It brings what is happening “out on the farm” right into the city and that has a lot of people excited.


Over 9,000 children, teachers and parent chaperones from 340 schools will come to Aggie Days and an additional 30,000 public visitors over the weekend. This means that every year approximately 40,000 Albertans have a greater awareness and appreciation for the agriculture industry —learning where their food comes from and how agriculture provides a variety of items for our daily lives.


“You see how the kids’ eyes light up when we give them a carton of milk after the cow milking demonstration,” says Kelly Chambers, program coordinator for Aggie Days. “They begin to make a connection between something they consume in their daily lives and what it takes bring that milk to their homes. It will be a memory that will stay with them and hopefully one they will share.”


Come explore Aggie Days and learn about Alberta’s agricultural and historical legacy.


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