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Bull Friends Forever (BFF)

What would you do for a free trip to Las Vegas to see the National Finals Rodeo? All 638 Pawn Star had to do was be a great friend to a fellow bull.


Each year the Calgary Stampede’s bucking stock is selected to head to the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and this year is no different, though this year, the Calgary Stampede had a slightly larger contingent. 


This year was 105 Beaver’s time to shine at NFR.  He was drawn by a cowboy to win huge money and he didn’t want to let anyone down.  The problem is Beaver gets a little anxious, nervous and uncomfortable when he’s not with his buddies, kickin’ it at the Stampede Ranch. 


To make him feel more comfortable and relaxed, the Calgary Stampede was granted permission from the NFR to bring a buddy bull for 105 Beaver to hang with during the event.  Pawn Star is the lucky friend who was sent to the NFR to keep Beaver happy.


“It is similar to how people can get homesick,” says Keith Marrington, Rodeo director, Calgary Stampede.  “When Beaver is away from his home at the Stampede Ranch he gets a little anxious, doesn’t like to eat and doesn’t perform to his level.  Bringing Pawn Star simply relaxes Beaver and provides the opportunity for him to perform at his level, not only for the Calgary Stampede, but also for the cowboy who is banking on him for the big bucks.”


Although a free ride to Vegas may seem great, Pawn Star has to go through all the same health testing that the competitor bulls go through to ensure the safety of all the animals at the event.  But what are buddies for?