Calgary – Today, we received an update from Alberta Health advising us on the status of the number of COVID-19 cases identified during and following Stampede 2021. Alberta Health has shared that 71 people likely acquired the virus at the Stampede. This represents approximately seven cases per day or a total of 0.01 percent of the 528,998 attendees.

“This year, our community celebration was the first step in the safe return of live events for our city and our country,” says Dana Peers, Interim Chief Executive Officer. “We believe Stampede 2021 was a success. We committed to operating safely, and these results show the effectiveness of the enhanced safety measures that were put in place.”

“The Stampede has gone above and beyond when it comes to safety measures, and events across the country can learn a great deal,” says Dr. Jia Hu, public health physician advising the Stampede. “In context, over the past two weeks, 749 cases were reported across Alberta. The low number of cases associated with the Stampede is not unexpected and reinforces the safe operating measures put in place along with the effectiveness of vaccines.”

With operating safely having been the focus of Stampede 2021, in coordination with health authorities, additional operational procedures were put in place, including a rapid testing program for Stampede personnel and rodeo athletes competing within the modified quarantine bubble. This robust rapid testing program identified zero positive tests during Stampede.

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The Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions, and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned Stampede, year-round facilities, western events, and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme We’re Greatest Together, we are a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization that preserves and celebrates our western heritage, cultures, and community spirit. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities.

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