Human error caused July 6 chuckwagon incident

The Chuckwagon Safety Commission of the Calgary Stampede ruled today that driver error is the cause of a contact incident that took place during the chuckwagon races on Monday, July 6.


The incident occurred during heat two when Shane Nolin’s wagon made contact with the lead horse of BJ Carey’s team on the third corner of the racetrack. The incident resulted in a severe injury to one of Carey’s horses and the animal’s subsequent euthanasia on Tuesday, July 7, based on a veterinary consultation with Carey.


Under the Calgary Stampede’s chuckwagon racing rulebook, a $10,000 fine is assessed against a driver whose actions cause the death of a horse, payable to the owner of that horse. The Chuckwagon Safety Commission determined both drivers were responsible for creating the circumstances that lead to the incident.  Nolin was assessed a $5000 fine.  Carey was assessed a $5000 deduction from the compensation he was to receive for his lost horse. In effect, both drivers have equally shared the financial burden of the $10,000 fine. The 10-second time penalty levied yesterday against Nolin will stand.


This is the first time the CSC has ruled dual culpability related to driver error in a hearing since its inception in 2008. The previous chuckwagon incident on Saturday night was also a result of driver error.


“Although driver error is rare, we know that the Stampede, the two professional associations and the drivers themselves are working together to ensure these incidents are not repeated,” says Stan Church, chair of the Chuckwagon Safety Commission.


These two incidents are extremely regrettable and the Calgary Stampede is working both the WPCA and the CPCA to ensure the number one focus of the drivers is running a safe, clean race.

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