Butter Chicken Bombs
Butter Chicken Bombs

Feed Your Appetite for Fun! Introducing the Flavorful New Foods of Stampede 2021

Calgary – Sweet, spicy or salty - whatever your preference, get ready to make some mouthwatering new memories on the Midway. Stampede 2021 will feed your appetite for fun, whether it’s with the traditional treats you know and love, or the wild and wacky new creations on the menu. With thousands of fabulous food options, choose a new flavourful adventure each day at Stampede 2021!

If spicy is your thing, then heat it up with the Triple Dog Dare You - a jalapeno cheese dog on a bed of insanity onions. Or put your taste buds to the test with the Flaming Hot Cheetos Mini Donuts topped with jalapeno cheddar drizzle! If sweet’s your jam, we recommend a scoop of yummy Cotton Candy Soft Serve Ice Cream or perhaps the decadent Blueberry Mini Donuts on a stick.

The ooey gooey goodness of the Rainbow Grilled Cheese is sure to please, thanks to its tri-coloured cheese. We think there could be a new kid’s favourite in town! Pair it with Shark Attack Lemonade – a gallon of lemonade with a grenadine shark. There are also plenty of delectable vegetarian options, like Sweet Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings and the plant based Un’Chkn Burger.

Keep it traditional with a twist and bite into these enticing options – the Cool Ranch Doritos Corn Dog, Butter Chicken Bombs, or the Juicy Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. If you are feeling even more adventurous, why not go bold with pork intestines on a stick or, get this, Louisiana Gator Bites.

If you are a barbeque aficionado, we have just the place for you! All the best smoky, saucy and sensational meats and treats can be found at Stampede 2021 in the deliciously scented BBQ Compound.

Of course, you’ll need something to wash down all of these incredible flavours of Stampede 2021. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we recommend a tall glass of Pickle Lemonade – a refreshing drink with a lemony start and a tangy pickle finish!

It’s time to indulge and enjoy the food experience of the summer at Stampede 2021. For the full list of spicy, sweet, salty, bold, gluten free, vegetarian, BBQ, traditional, kid friendly and thirst quenching, visit  CalgaryStampede.com/Stampede/Attractions/Food. For access to all the popular food options this July, pre-purchase your Stampede Park admission online to be a part of this Midway Food experience at CalgaryStampede.com/Stampede/Tickets.

We invite you to Stampede your way! Go to CalgaryStampede.com to plan your visit and select the experiences that are right for you this summer.

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