Members of the Calgary Stampede family presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

On Friday, November 30, Premier Alison Redford presented 131 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals during a Calgary Ceremony. Mike Casey, president and chairman; Bob Thompson, vice-chairman; Calgary Stampede Centennial Queen and Princesses, Candice Lee, Danielle (Dani) Gariepy and Jessica Manning and Calgary Stampede Centennial Indian Princess, Amelia Crowshoe were among the honoured recipients.

“Being selected to receive this medal is an incredible honour,” says Mike Casey, president and chairman of the Calgary Stampede.  “It is very humbling to be among the 60,000 recipients.”


The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal honours Her Majesty’s service to our country. It also serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.


In a statement issued by Premier’s office, Premier Redford said “It was an honour to acknowledge the achievements of these giving Albertans… each recipient has an inspiring story and their devotion to their community is truly humbling. These men and women represent the forward-thinking, compassionate and caring spirit that Alberta and Albertans are known for. They are wonderful examples of why Alberta is a great place to live.”


For more information on the Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Alberta and for a list of the recipients’ names, visit http://alberta.ca/diamondjubileemedal.cfm