Calgary – How is my food grown or raised? What do farmers add to livestock feed? Is animal welfare regulated in Alberta? How are antibiotics used? What about GMO’s? What food is grown and raised in Alberta?

Consumers today have so many questions about how their food gets to their plate and may feel uncertain about where to get an answer. Most urban Canadians are three to five generations removed from agriculture, or new to this country, and aren’t sure who to ask.

The Calgary Stampede provides a solution to that problem. For the full 10-day event, the Agrium Western Events Centre hosts Ag-tivity in the City and Cattle Trail and provides a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to know how their food is raised; they can get answers straight from the farmers’ mouth.

“We have farmers and ranchers from all sectors at the various exhibits here during the 10 days. Canola and wheat growers, chicken and hog farmers together with beef ranchers can talk to our guests about the work they do to raise safe, nutritious food for Albertans and the world,” says Lori Wheeler, Program Co-ordinator, Agriculture Education, Calgary Stampede.

As well as primary producers, there are also:

  • feed experts and veterinarians from the livestock sector to talk about animal nutrition and welfare;
  • environmental experts to talk about the care of the land and environmental footprint of agriculture in Alberta;
  • experts from the crop side of things who can speak to the type of grains, oilseeds and other crops grown in Alberta, how they are used and their export markets;
  • and still others who work in the industry who can talk about the nutrition of their specific food group and how to cook it properly.
  • exhibits and demonstrations all-day, every day in the Country Critters area in the Ag Barns and on the Country Critters stage.

And all of this provided in a kid-friendly, interactive environment where everyone can learn something new.

Ag-tivity in the City and UFA Cattle Trail are located throughout the Agrium Western Events Centre, main concourse and are open to the public every day until 9 p.m. Country Critters is in the North-side of the Ag Barns facing the Saddledome and are open every day until 9 p.m.

For more information contact:
Lori Wheeler
Agriculture Program Coordinator