Calgary – During today’s Calgary Stampede Parade show bands performed in front of approximately 250,000 viewers, both live and watching on television for six difference titles and prize money.


Show bands merge musical elements, dance & choreography and present world-class musical & visual performances. They are judged on a number of elements including; what is heard (music), what is seen (visual) and the overall impact of the program’s visual and musical design.


“Bands are evaluated on a number of different varieties,” says Mayne Root, chair, Parade committee. “Judges pay attention to every aspects, which the casual listener may not pick-up; such as tone, intonation, rhythm and tempo,” he adds. Difficulty involved in the performance’s visual design and how well band members are able to synchronize their movements, are also critiqued.

The results from the 2014 Calgary Stampede Parade band competition are as follows:

Best Senior Band: Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo Senior HS

Best Band Auxiliary: Calgary Stetson Showband

Best Junior Band: Best Round-Up Band

Best Overall Band: Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo Senior HS

Best Pipe Band: Calgary Police Service Pipe Band

Best Canadian Band: Calgary Stetson Showband 

For more information, please contact:

Adam Loria,                                                                             

Media Coordinator – Stampede Parade Committee                                                                                        

T 403.612.4978