Stampede School celebrates 10 years

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Stampede School.


As part of the Campus Calgary/Open Minds program through the Calgary Board of Education, Stampede School takes students out of their classrooms and inspires them with hands on experiences.  


Stampede School gives youth from Calgary and southern Alberta the opportunity to develop strong roots in our western culture and heritage through programs and experiences that enhance personal growth, citizenship, leadership and education.


For students of Stampede School, the entire Stampede Park and its surroundings becomes their classroom, opening a realm of new possibilities for learning.


Over 7000 students, approximately 1000 parents and 300 teachers have participated in the program since it began in 2002.


Anita Crowshoe, Stampede School site coordinator, works collaboratively with teachers to provide customized week-long sessions for each class that bring many areas of their school curriculum to life. 


Students benefit from the knowledge of Calgary Stampede staff and community resources to study topics ranging from the environment, local history and agriculture to western art, equine behaviour, Aboriginal dancing and storytelling. 


“It brings the whole history of Calgary and Alberta to life. The whole experience is life changing,” says Sarah Kesler, Grade 4 teacher at Douglasdale Elementary. By moving their learning outside the classroom and into the city around them, she sees her students blossom and take risks. 

On the last day their Stampede school week, Mrs Kelser's class celebrated the anniversay with a special presentation to parents and other supporters.


Matt Dechant, now a Stampede employee, shared writings with the students from the journal he created as a Grade 4 students during his time at Stampede School in 2002.  “One of the most exciting things I’ve ever done!” wrote his 9 year old self.  In the spirit of Guy Weadick, the lesson he took away from the program was, “If you have a dream, plant the idea and grow it as big as you want.”


Stampede School is funded by the Calgary Stampede Foundation, corporate and private donors.