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120424_TailsHorses_0009 (3)

TAILS – A tale of the first Calgary Stampede

Calgary – Presented during the Centennial Stampede, July 6 to 15,TAILS: Three Horses. One Legend. is a tale of how The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – the Calgary Stampede – came to be. A myth sprinkled with historical truths, the audience is taken on a tumultuous journey through the eyes of three horses. A compelling story line is juxtaposed with equestrian arts, dynamic videography and special effects.



“Our goal was to develop a great story first and then bring it to life with equestrian arts that showcase the magical bond between the horses and their human counterparts,” says Dan Finley, executive producer, TAILS. “A key component of this production is that it loosely follows a fact based story line.”


Orphaned at a young age, the three heroes of the show stand in the face of fear and unite, forging an unbreakable bond where loyalty is without question. The gripping story line documents the challenges overcome by each horse to bring together the people of the land – ranchers, First Nations Tribes, and rodeo stars – and ultimately fulfill their destiny of ensuring The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – the Calgary Stampede – comes to life.


“Every show will be a thrill because anything can happen when you’re working with animals,” says Eric Fortin, technical director, TAILS. “An element of novelty is introduced into each show intensifying the show’s climactic build up to the first Calgary Stampede in 1912.”


Sponsored by ENMAX, TAILS adopts a new form of storytelling. The audience is brought through the story in an innovative way that engages them in a larger than life presentation of the wild frontiers 100 years ago. Interactive video, music and special effects are coordinated with the live action in the Stampede Corral - magnifying the audiences overall experience of the show.


“ENMAX evolved from The City of Calgary Electric System which had its beginnings in the early 1900s, much like the Stampede,” said Doris Kaufmann Woodcock, ENMAX Corporation. “Sponsoring the banner program of the Stampede’s Centennial year is a perfect fit. The ENMAX Corral Show will be spectacular and we’re proud to be a part of it.”


The prominence of western heritage and theatrics, sets TAILS apart from other equine shows. TAILS will take you on a sensational 45 minute journey through the Wild West and will be presented daily during the Stampede, at 12 p.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. Entrance to this magical and inspiring equine show is free with admission and guarantees enjoyment for all ages.



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