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Chef table - Thumb-001

The Calgary Stampede and The Chef Table feeding optimism

The Calgary Stampede has partnered with The Chef Table to provide surplus food to local shelters in the Calgary community. As a part of the program, surplus food from the Stampede is efficiently and safely delivered for distribution to those who can use it to create nutritious meals in the local community.


The Calgary Stampede team redistributes excess food from meetings, conventions and restaurant service by freezing it throughout the week in hygienic containers provided by The Chef Table. The food is picked up and redistributed to the Calgary Drop-In Centre, one of Canada’s largest shelters, to help provide more than 3,000 meals per day.


The Chef Table provides a sustainable food brokerage service to the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry by operating all food recovery logistics to ensure efficient, simple and safe deployment to donors.


The goal of The Chef Table is to fight hunger by nourishing less privileged families and to develop culinary autonomy for future generations to break down the cycle of food bank dependency. Chefs, cooks and pastry chefs are encouraged to help in the fight against hunger by redistribution of food surpluses, preparation of ready-to-eat meals, and transfer of culinary and nutritional knowledge to underprivileged youth.