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047630 Passion Capital-WinnerA_Outlines thumb

The Calgary Stampede recognized as one of Canada’s Passion Capitalists

The Calgary Stampede is one of ten Canadian organizations recognized for their commitment to sustainability, brand, strategy, resources, persistence, intensity, courage, culture and creed.  On November 9, the Stampede was recognized as one of Canada’s “Passion Capitalists.”


“We are honoured to be named as one of Canada’s Passion Capitalists,” says Vern Kimball CEO, Calgary Stampede.  “Being recognized for our values, brand and unique corporate culture is something everyone in our organization can take credit for. Our volunteers, employees and supporters energize our brand and culture every day.”


Canada’s Passion Capitalists is a national awards program that recognizes those organizations that have the energy, intensity, and sustainability needed to generate superior results.  According to Paul Alofs, Author of Passion Capital, a strong set of values and beliefs form the basis of a distinctive culture that fuels the performance of a Passion Capitalist.


The Calgary Stampede was chosen for our unique corporate culture, strong values and exceptional brand.   The nomination described how the corporate culture, fuses outstanding and dedicated volunteers and employees who all live by the four values: pride of place, integrity, commitment to community and western hospitality. 


In Alberta’s current economy human capital can be difficult to find.  As a not for profit organization, the Stampede cannot compete with some of the other thriving industries on financial compensation.  Where the Stampede can compete is with a strong and vibrant brand that people want to be a part of.  The Stampede creates exceptional experiences for people from around the world and its volunteers and employees are proud to say they are a part of that creation.


It is important the Stampede stays focused on its western values while adapting to Calgary’s changing demographic to stay relevant for the next 100 years.  An energized brand, exceptional experiences and inspired space are three paramount pillars to achieve the end goal of a world class gathering space.


This is the inaugural year for Canada’s Passion Capitalists and the Stampede is thrilled to be one of the first companies recognized.


For more information on Canada’s Passion Capitalists, please visit: http://canadaspassioncapitalists.com/

Video of the Calgary Stampede as part of Canada’s Passion Capitalists on BNN is available at: http://watch.bnn.ca/#clip803291