2014 Stampede Working Cow Horse Competition
2014 Stampede Working Cow Horse Competition

Working Cow Horse Classic The Ultimate Test of Horsemanship

Calgary – There is no horsemanship event at the Calgary Stampede that demands a wider range of performance from both rider and mount than the Working Cow Horse Classic. Precision and speed, nimble footwork and courage make this event a challenge for every entrant.

The order for competitors in the first go of the Working Cow Horse Classic, held on Thursday, July 9th beginning at 2:30pm in the Agrium Western Event Centre, is determined by a draw. Points earned on Thursday set the order for the finals on Friday. At 1pm on July 10th in the Agrium Centre, the championship round begins. Six classes will be in contention: Open Bridle, Open Hackamore, Non-Pro Bridle, Limited Open Bridle, Limited Open Hackamore and Novice Non-Pro Bridle.

The Stampede’s Working Cow Horse Classic consists of two different skill sets. Reined work, or dry work, involves the ultimate expression of the cooperation between rider and horse as a set program of stops, starts and direction changes puts a high emphasis on exact footwork, balance and discipline. The other part, cow work or fence work, is an exciting, action-filled contest as the horse and rider must direct and guide a cow through a number of manoeuvres at high speed.

A horse trainer by profession and preference, Cody McArthur has competed in the Stampede’s Working Cow Horse Classic for over ten years, winning Open Hackamore in 2013. “Anybody who’s there has the ability to win it,” he says. A cow that doesn’t want to be worked can ruin an otherwise perfect performance. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You used to be able to get by if you were a great rider and trainer. Today you have to have an outstanding horse to compete at the top level.”


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