Calgary, AB – The competition is fierce and the $10,000 prize makes the Calgary Stampede World Stock Dog Championship the World’s Richest Indoor Stock Dog Trial.

From July 9 – July 10 in the Agrium Western Event Centre, 60 of the top stock dogs and handlers from across Canada and as far away as Texas, California, and Wyoming will compete.  Also up for grabs is the Calgary Stampede Stock Dog Sponsor's Choice Award, a coveted stock trailer from Bar T5 Trailers.

The dog and handler work as a team to herd three sheep through a series of obstacles in a specific pattern within a four-minute time limit.  While the sheep used in the competition have been herded by dogs at home on the farm, they are not trained to herd or move in a specific pattern so anything can happen.

The handler directs the dog with whistle or voice commands.   They receive one point for every sheep that completes each obstacle.  The dog cannot grip or bite the sheep or they will be disqualified.  The handler must hold the rope attached to the gate and cannot touch the sheep as the dog works to get all three into the pen at the end of the course. The clock stops when the handler shuts the gate behind the sheep.

Competitors of Interest :

  • Three Generations of the Hadley-Roberts Family, from Valleyview, AB will be competing for the second year in a row.

  • Patriarch of the family, Wayne Hadley-Roberts will be competing with three dogs.

  • Second-generation dog handler is son Matthew, who will be running two dogs.

  • Third-generation dog handler and our youngest competitor is grandson Travis, who will be competing with his dog Luke.

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