Media accreditation for the 2017 Calgary Stampede will open early May 2017.

Media accreditation is reserved for reporters, writers, editors, videographers, producers, and photographers who are working for a bona fide media outlet. In an effort to enhance the experience of our working media - advertising, sales, marketing, and administrative staff will not be provided with accreditation in 2017 regardless if they have received it in the past.

For those freelancing, a letter of assignment from an official publisher or editor with clear assignment details is required. Bloggers and digital journalists’ applications will be reviewed and accredited on a case by case basis. While all applications will be reviewed and considered, there is no guarantee of credential approval.

Please note that although media accreditation may be withheld, Stampede Park is extremely accessible for guests interested in personal blogging or photography. There will be many opportunities for anyone wishing to capture stories and visuals to do so without receiving accreditation.

Accreditation Requirements

  • A current photo for all individuals seeking accreditation
  • A letter from your editor/producer on official company letterhead confirming your assignment to cover the Calgary Stampede.  The letter must include the following information:
    • The type, extent and focus of the planned coverage
    • The primary market, circulation size and target audience of the outlet
    • The publication time of the planned coverage
  • For online media: Information on publication frequency, average number of daily hits and visitor statistics (unique visitors and page views)


The Calgary Stampede welcomes media interest in our world-class 10-day event and we do our best to accommodate media coverage wherever possible. However, the Stampede does have a media access policy and we would appreciate if you could consider the following before beginning your accreditation:

Accreditation will only be given to approved media working on assignment. Accreditation cannot be shared or extended to co-workers, family or friends.

This year you will see new icons on your accreditation pass that will identify the zones you will be able to access. These changes are part of our effort to reduce crowding in specified zones, and to provide seamless access to the media in the zones relating to their reporting focus.

As with previous years, filming access will be limited. CBC is the exclusive rights holder for filming the Rodeo, Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show; therefore, filming or recording of the Rodeo, Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show is not permitted. Footage can be purchased through our broadcasting department.

Accreditation pass must be worn at all times.

Accredited media are expected to cooperate with the procedures and requirements implemented at the perimeter gates to Stampede Park as well as any internal security checkpoints and to treat the individuals working with courtesy and respect. Any questions or concerns should be raised to your Media Relations representative.

Any accredited media who do not comply with the regulations will, without warning, have their accreditation withdrawn for the duration of the Stampede.

Please note: Commercial photography is prohibited unless it has received prior approval and the proper clearances made. Any secondary non-editorial or commercial use of any picture, film is prohibited without prior consent of the Calgary Stampede.

Request Form

The 2016 Accreditation forms are available here!

Further Information 

Approval of Accreditation 
The Calgary Stampede reserves the right to approve or deny any accreditation requests. Completing the online registration form does not guarantee you an accreditation pass for the Stampede. We will notify you regarding your application if your application is successful.

When your completed application has been processed and accepted, you will receive confirmation of your accreditation and information on where it will provide you access to. If you have any questions please direct them to the Media Relations department.

Lost/Stolen Passes 
If your accreditation pass is lost or stolen please report the loss immediately to your Media Liaison. You will be reissued a new pass for a $10 fee. The Calgary Stampede reserves the right to approve or deny the reprint request.

To apply for accreditation, please fill out the online accreditation request form. Requests received during the 10-day event require 24 hours for processing.

Passes are not transferable and the Calgary Stampede reserves the right to cancel the accreditation at any time.

Space in accredited areas is very limited; therefore access may be restricted at certain times. If you require specific access to an area on a select occasion, please contact the Media Relations department and we will assist in accommodating your needs.

Accreditation Pickup

We will announce soon when accreditation can start being picked up. It will be available at:
Corporate Communications department 
Stampede Park
1409 Olympic Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1